Mind training music: unlock your brain’s full potential
Hypmusique introduces the possibility of enhancing your brain power and mood by using mind training music! Moving beyond traditional music forms, this sound healing music rapidly raises your vibration, expands your reality, releases blockages, removes resistance, and restores balance and harmony in your mind and body. It allows for quiet meditation, reflection, and relaxation to foster an open mind and soul.

Hypmusique was designed after years of observation, experimentation and practice to bring you a synthesis of musical art, as well as brainwave entrainment frequencies and sound technology. Rather than distracting listeners from the world around them, our hypnotic music invites you to raise your awareness and draw inspiration while in your everyday environment. This brain music strengthens and encourages you to conquer negativity and find beauty and peace in our chaotic world.

Using hidden subliminal messages, hypnotic language, binaural beats, chakra tones, chanting, shamanic drumming, subsonic frequencies and more, our tracks attune you to your highest vibrational potential. These vibrations help to break down the barriers of mind and body, so you can experience life as a whole, undivided, and completely harmonious being. You could call this brain music, sound healing music or, as we like to call it, mind training music!

Hypmusique helps you discover the power within yourself to develop powerful habits, reach a higher consciousness, attract positive energy, and direct your own thoughts, rather than letting your thoughts control you. With this hypnotic music, you can break down self-imposed barriers that prevent you from becoming the divine vessel of life and love that you’re intended to be.